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Eddieeeeee by Hraugur
Name: Edward McKegan

Age: 237

Creature: Vampire.

Hobbies: -He likes to float around casually, though he is not capable of reaching great heights.
-He's an avid relaxer. It's his favorite thing to do.
-Being a vampire, he's very fond of drinking blood.
-He'd like to sing and make music, but he considers himself lackluster when it comes to musical talent, so he doesn't.
-He loves jewelry. He wears a couple of rings on his fingers, has some earrings, a lipring and a medallion with a pentagram on it.
-He likes to chat! Interaction is the best.

Weaknesses: He is weak towards and hates fire with a BURNING passion (pun intended) so he usually tries to stay away.
Unless he's recently had some blood, he generally only posesses enough stamina to stay awake, wander around and stalk his victims to take them out.
The sun weakens him and reduces his abilities and stamina. Because of this he generally carries an umbrella on him on the rare occasion he's outside during daytime.
Seeing exposed cuts or wounds gets him a bit disturbed, and his desire to feed gets rather intense. He is restrained enough not to do so, but only for short amounts of time. During this time he generally tries to remove himself from the scene.

Personality: Eddie is flirtatious, rather cheery and often suggestive without realizing. He's usually friendly and likes compliments/complimenting people. He's very open to new things, as can perhaps be noticed from his appearance.
When it's dark or he's engulfed in darkness, he's generally more energetic and happy. When he's in the sun, he is weakened and seems to be damped down, so he generally tries to stay out of it.
During his time in the sun he wears a tired looking smirk and half-lidded eyes. He likes smelling blood when it is inside of people, but the smell of exposed blood is a bit too much for him.
He is generally distrustful of werebeasts but it's something he's working on.

Background: Eddie was born in Great Britain, and around the time of his twentieth birthday he got killed and bitten by a vampire and left to rot. After a few days he got back up, having completely forgotten about everything in his life. Despite his birthplace his accent has vanished over the years.
He started anew. Became a vampire. Over the decades he's managed to learn a few spells and has gathered a lot of jewelry and rings. Recently he got a lip piercing which he is very proud of.
Ignatius Wants You To Fuck Off by Hraugur
Ignatius Wants You To Fuck Off

Name: Ignatius.

Age: 23.

Gender: Cis-male.

Height: Around 170 centimeters (5'6")

Alias: His nickname is Nathan and he generally goes by it.

Affiliation: Mercenary. (Rather inactive)

Personality: Ignatius is rather carefree with a pretty solid "I don't give a shit" attitude. He generally does his very best to ignore the people around him unless he has something to say to them. He possesses the ability to take most things in stride and is generally pretty calm. He is, on the other hand, also a big grump and has a tendency to be rather antisocial. He refuses to take shit from people and is prone to get aggressive when provoked. He bites his lip constantly, plays with his lip rings and fiddles with the small tunnels in his ears. He is very fond of his snapback and usually refuses to either take it off or wear it forwards. He has one missing tooth and is fairly sensitive about it. He dislikes long sleeves when it comes to clothing and prefers t-shirts, shorts and sleeveless shirts. He also dislikes tying his shoes, preferring to keep them rather loose to slip into or out of. He usually keeps a cigarette behind his ear and has a tendency to forget that it's there and gets annoyed when this is pointed out. He really likes smoking, eating and skating. He's fairly good at using a skateboard and a bike but prefers rollerblades over both. He really likes baseball although he's not very good at any role that isn't the batter. He's a bit of an artist although he's rather shy about it and will usually refrain from or avoid talking about his art.

History: Ignatius and his 'brothers', (who are fraternal with each other and not actually related by blood,) live on Hezsc in a small apartment in the city.  All three come from an unknown demonic society where hierarchy is everything and those born with noble blood are considered superior. Ignatius is the lowest of his 'brothers' in terms of nobility but fought and beat them both for his title as captain and their increased respect for him. They were all considered inexperienced back home, and, with his brothers in tow, he was sent to Hezsc to learn about the outside world and gather experience. As a mercenary, he prefers to take jobs that do not attract much attention, such as bodyguarding somebody or making deliveries but for the right amount of money he's not against taking the rougher jobs such as assassination and such.

Power/Ability/Weapons: He is a good deal stronger than the average human and he's fairly durable when it comes to being attacked. He's very quick when it comes to attacks, hitting faster and more often than his brothers. He carries with him an old baseball bat. 

Weaknesses: He is very weak to high temperatures and his combat abilities and general fighting prowess is nearly nullified when he's in a very hot environment. This adds to the fear he has of fire, as it severely slows him down, makes him sluggish and tired and it scares him greatly.

Other: He's slightly hydrophobic, and is unenthusiastic about bathing or showers, preferring to stay far away from large bodies of water. He's also very pyrophobic as mentioned in his weaknesses.

Theboys by Hraugur
From left to right: Ignatius (Nathan), Dante (Danny) and Bartholomew (Bob).

Demon underlings, basically. I might write some more about them later.


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